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Winter Institute 15: Adult Authors to Meet

More than 130 adult and children’s authors and illustrators will be attending this year’s Winter Institute. Below are well-known and up-and-coming adult authors who will be signing at the conference.

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5 December Books You Might Have Missed

Happy New Year, Happy New Decade—but wait! We’re not quite done with 2019, because there are a few books you may have missed from its last month. December is always a book desert, but among the limited number of titles released during this most recent December, there are a still some worth mentioning as worthy candidates for your TBR piles.

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Author Interview – Carla Malden

Author I draw inspiration from: Meg Wolitzer writes fascinating women and puts them in situations that test them without feeling forced. If I may include a playwright, Tennessee Williams looms large for me. He transforms the way people talk into poetry, often injecting humor. That’s literary alchemy, pure magic – utterly unattainable, but inspirational nonetheless.

Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb

Q&A with Carla Malden

Carla Malden is the author of the new novel Search Heartache. Her other books include the memoir Afterimage. She has worked in motion picture production and development, and has been a screenwriter. Her work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times. She lives in Los Angeles.

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Interview with Carla Malden, author of Search Heartache

Raised in Los Angeles, Carla Malden began her career working in motion picture production and development before becoming a screenwriter. Along with her father, Academy Award–winning actor Karl Malden, she coauthored his critically acclaimed memoir, When Do I Start?. More recently, Malden published AfterImage: A Brokenhearted Memoir of A Charmed Life, a fiercely personal account of battling the before and surviving the after of losing her first husband to cancer.

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Taking a turn into a commuter relationship

We went for it anyway … even though we were geographically undesirable. Love knows no bounds, right? So we flew in the face of reason and committed to a commuter relationship.

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Books by Carla Malden

Afterimage is “A brutally candid memoir of the “all-consuming and profoundly uncomplicated” power of grief.”

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